Structure (( Ismailia ))

Lab Ismailia

In the framework of the overall objective of the draft elements of micro-National Research Center is to increase the income of farmers by increasing production quantity and quality of building on the application of the concept of an integrated nutrition and balanced development of the plant and to disseminate this goal in many places of the Republic has the project in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the cooperative central Ismailia establishing a laboratory Ismailia, which opened in 1993 and in the presence of HE Dr. Ahmed Gouili Ismailia governor at the time.

• The site / place of laboratory

Laboratory is located at the entrance by a civilian Ismailia between Egypt and Ismailia Desert Road Ismailia Suez next to the Assembly of the seven wells, East - Abu Dahshan estate.

• Places the beneficiary of the plant

Ismailia - East of Suez - Port Said - South and North Sinai and others.

• Lab Activities for the period from 1993 – present

  • - The inventory of laboratory studies of plant food and soil associations of the Ismaili Centre and the Centre for East Kantara, Ismailia Governorate.
  • - The lab has conducted many seminars and training courses for engineers and agricultural extension supervisors agricultural Ismailia Governorate order to familiarize them the importance of soil analysis and plant fertilizer recommendation in the preparation of integrated fertilizer and the use of micronutrients and their importance in improving and enhancing the productivity of crops.
  • - The lab has conducted many seminars in conjunction with cyclic center Omar Lutfi Ismailia to identify the farmers of the importance of micronutrients and analysis to increase the production and how to take advantage of the lab.
  • - The lab since its inception and continues to service many of Almza sponsored Ismaili and other provinces, thus raising the productivity of their crops and find out the most important problems in their farms.
  • - Ayda There are many companies that the large agricultural plant and still provide services within the framework of interesting projects to raise productivity and improve product quality and thereby increase the exports of these crops is the most important of these companies.

Arab Insurance and Commerce - Al-Ahram on the export of agricultural produce - fruit Jabali - Impress - Jebalks - Osmajeryn - Panasonic - make valid - Oasis Sharq Al ... .. etc.