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Draft elements of the micro and the problems of plant nutrition
Project rationalize the use of fertilizers

Project began nutrients Minor and the problems of plant nutrition in Egypt, its activities since 1976 in collaboration with the Institute of Nutrition of Botany, University of Munich technological - Federal Republic of Germany and support the German Agency for Technical Cooperation and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology to discuss the problems of lack of micronutrients and other problems related to feeding the plant in Egypt and still the project continues to examine these issues by funding research that serves the plant nutrition and fertilization, as the leading technical consultancy services to companies of different farming through the services of analysis also to the different sections within the National Center for Research and the Egyptian universities and research centers in Egypt and Arab countries.

Project aimed at micro-nutrients and plant nutrition problems in Egypt, the use of scientific methods and the development of applied solutions that support the advancement of production plant, where he conducted many experiments inventory of the food situation in most of the governorates of Egypt (Fayoum - Lake - Dakahlia - Qaliubiya - East ..... (..... of land plants and developing them (Field Crops - vegetables - fruit) as the project is also implementing a large number of simple experiments in the fields of farmers, which ultimately lead to the conviction of the usefulness of farmers to use micro-nutrients and recommendation Samadhi balanced and as a result achieved by the project achievements and clearly has extended its activities to provide guidance to farmers, particularly the use of fertilizers and through accumulated experience, and has been transferred to the agricultural extension workers who have been the work of training courses for them as well as releases guidance and information and education with the provision of direct services to farmers in the provinces of multiple and have been all in cooperation with the continuous and orderly systems of the Ministry of Agriculture. has achieved an increase in the productivity of major crops in varying degrees.

Emerged from the draft nutrients Minor and the problems of plant nutrition in Egypt project rationalize the use of fertilizers, where he began the project activities in 1985 the transfer of scientific results of the project mother "nutrients, micro-and the problems of plant nutrition in Egypt," to Alemrazaa using channels guidance available for the formulation of techniques optimize the use of fertilizer in forms suitable for direct application by the farms.

The project rationalization of fertilizer use to provide services to farmers after the work contracted to provide the service of the crop in the area that wish to subscribe for the season, crop production and through: View the farm - taking samples of soil and plant a test of the soil, plants, and work recommendation fertilizer for crop-based and which include the type and quantity, which uses the compost as well as the fragmentation of the total amount of it on the dates of the plant's need for him to supply its needs from the actual fertilizer without extravagance.